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How to Play

1. It’s your turn! Brian calls your name, and you dart up the steps onto the stage, clutching your diary, embarrassing anecdote, prop suitcase, etc.

2. You’ll undoubtedly want to approach the mic and start talking. But wait! First you’ve gotta SPIN THAT WHEEL, my friend! Give ‘er a good spin, and watch excitedly for where it lands…. Rihanna? Candlebox? “The Greatest Love of All”?

3. Okay, NOW you can read that anecdote or diary entry. Make sure to keep it under three minutes; otherwise, The Life Coach might light a stick of incense and wave it threateningly in your general direction.

4. Congrats! What a funny/humiliating/emotional story. Now it’s time for Brian to interview you. Walk over there and sit down in that chair. The Intern will be happy to assist you with getting your mic in perfect position for the interview. You and Brian talk for exactly four minutes.

5. Wow… you’re a natural. What a great interview. Sit back and relax while Abraham serenades you, with a freshly-written song about your anecdote, in the style chosen by that wild and crazy wheel.

6. Go back to your seat and continue drinking. At the end of the show, Brian will call you up to the front of the stage, a.k.a., The Antechamber of Shame, where you will await harsh and terrifying judgment by the audience.

7. Congrats, you won! And/or, you didn’t win, but that just means the other contestants were even more shameful, so in the grand scheme of things, maybe you did win!!

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